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The delegation of “Rosgostsirk” has visited a new ground “KOBZOV”

The delegation of “Rosgostsirk” has visited a new ground “KOBZOV”Simultaneously with the graduation show-concerts of Kiev circus academy there took place one more important event, and namely the opening of a unique circus ground.

On22th June in Kiev opened a new concert ground “KOBZOV”, a banquet hall which can seat up to 1500 guests, a spectators’ hall which can seat up to 3000 people. The hall was built according to the world standards and equipped with the most modern technologies which have no analogues in Ukraine.
In the framework of celebration and opening of the concert-hall there was an opening night of the exclusive “Comedy Crazy Show” and the new Ukrainian musical “Wanna Fresh” by the show-ballet “A-6” and the group “4 kings”. The severe critics evaluated the flawless director’s work of Maria Remneva who successfully combined circus turns and the original clownery with theatrical performances of the ballet “A-6” and the group “4 kings”.
The show-programme consisted of 15 unique turns, there were “The singing trapeze” by Vladimir Tatarchuk and Joanne Naglee-MacMenamin; the duet “Paradise” by Aanastasiya Krutikova and Artyem Panasjuk; the duet “Non-stop”, “Tango” by Katerina and Sergey Melashenko; the juggler Vladimir Guminjuk; “Flame” by the equilibrist Jury Ovsjannikov; “Lostshadows” by Vladimir Kostenko and Anton Savchenko; the air acrobat Anastasiya Makeeva; turnists under the direction of Igor Baibak; “Zaichik” by Aleksey Krasnov; the acrobatic couple Nikolay Shcherbak and Sergey Popv; “The Waiter of the Year” by Nazar Skladannyi; the acrobatic group of four “Golden Stars”. And also the ballet “A-6”, “4 kings”, the clowns’ group “ART-obstrel” and the ballet “Vatan”.
The guests were met by the President of the company and the founder of the halls “KOBZOV” Nikolay Kobzov. Among the special guests invited to the festive opening of the ground “Kobzov” were Alexander Kalmykov – Director-general of the Company “Rosgostsirk” (Russia) and Julia Melnikova – Director of the touring department “Rosgostsirk” (Russia).
After the opening night of the musical there was an non-official part of the event during which the representatives of the international circuses, invited to the opening of the hall “Kobzov”, could discuss the seen show. As the organizers themselves put it, such meetings are necessary in order to build a chance for the representatives of the interested organizations to get closer acquainted, to strengthen the work and friendly ties.



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