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Boris Maihrovsky about the prospects of  “Rosgostsirk” cooperation with Japan

   Boris Maihrovsky about the prospects of  “Rosgostsirk” cooperation with Japan The festive opening ceremony of the 5th Festival of the Russian culture in Japan was visited by the delegation of the Russian state circus company consisting of Director-general Alexander Kalmykov, director of the international relations department Boris Maihrovsky; director of CCI Dmitry Saetovich; director of Vladivostok circus Alexey Turkalov.

  From 13th to 15th April 2010 there took place a festive opening ceremony of the 5th Festival of the Russian culture in Japan, in Tokyo and Kyoto, designed not only to get the Japanese acquainted with the national traditions of the peoples of Russia but also to find ways towards mutual understanding and trust between the countries.

   On the day of the Russian delegation’s arrival there were talks with Mrs. Muzumi Oki – the new president of the company «Bolshoi Сircus Co., Ltd» (wife of the former president of the Company, Mr. Michiteru Adzum, who is CEO of the company). She was officially introduced to Alexander Kalmykov at the conference in one of the leading Japanese editions “Tokio Simbun”, and there also was a reception with the main executive director of the edition, Mr. Nobuaki Kuide.

   On the same evening there was a performance in Tokyo where a ballet troupe of Moscow Academic theatre named after K. Stanislavsky and V. Nemirovich-Danchenko in two acts. The performance was staged at a very high level, all the guests were very glad. Sergey Naryshkin, Director of Administration of the President of Russia, and Alexey Avdeev, Minister of culture of the Russian Federation, came forward at the reception with the comments about the events of the Festival.

   On 16th April there were talks about the artists of the Russian state circus’ performances which will take place from 17th July to 31st August in Tokyo, Jokogama and Nagoj. Between the companies “Rosgostsirk” and «Bolshoi Сircus Co., Ltd» there was signed a contract about the Russian circus’s touring in Japan for 2011.

   “On the whole everything passed successfully. The Japanese colleagues expressed deep satisfaction with our visit and the results of the talks. We received an interesting offer from the Japanese side about striking a promising contract (for 5 years), about probation practice, employees exchange between the companies of the countries, so that they could live, deepen their experience and get better acquainted with the foreign colleagues.

   The Japanese were highly interested in the summer festival in Vladivostok that is likely to be held by the Russian state circus company in June 2011.

   In 2011 we will celebrate 37 years since the moment of cultural ties beginning and appearance of the Russian circus programmes on the territory of Japan. In view of that the Japanese have planned a big photo-exhibition, demonstration of souvenirs, presentation of original turns of the Japanese company in the within the frame of the signed contract.

   During the official events we visited the leading Japanese editions, including “Tokio MX”, the biggest telecorporation which has been an informational partner of the company «Bolshoi Сircus Co., Ltd» for 20 years. President of “Tokio MX” Mizuru Ohki, together with Director-general of Kenzo Nakagava, said many warm words addressing Russian state circus company “Rosgostsirk” in the framework of the press conference”, - said Boris Maihrovsky.

   Organized under the support of the Ministry of culture of the Russian Federation, the festival in Japan, that first took place in 2006 with the phenomenal spectators’ success, became an annual event. This project attracts great attention of the local public – annually the event takes place in dozens of cities around the country and is visited by more than a million of people.



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