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In June there will be held a meeting of directors of the Company "Russian state circus company"

In June there will be held a meeting of directors of the Company "Russian state circus company"Changes in the directorate of Russian state circus company positively affect the activities of the Company. Since the moment, when Director-general, People’s artist of Russia, Alexander Kalmykov, came to power, there has passed not so much time but it’s already possible to speak about the seriousness of his intentions and the first results.
   Since the Director-general’s coming to power in December 2009 there have been strict revisions in the dozens of circuses under the direction of Alexander Kalmykov. The results of revisions showed a number of serious violations, which demand immediate correction.
   In connection with this, on 22th June in Central house of workers of art there’s going to be an expanded meeting of directors of Russian state circus company, whose aim is to deliver the information about the violations to the directors of the Company, prepare a special document which will contain concrete instructions and recommendations on the improvement of the activities of the institutions of Russian state circus company. Special control will be performed in the circuses.
   In the framework of the event the questions of the organization of the distribution will be organized.
   First deputy-director-general Sergey Nesterov will offer a programme of the reforming of the relations between artists and those who organize distribution in order to optimize the expenditures.
   A little earlier Alexander Kalmykov offered to create the so called "museum" programme with such great turns as those by N. Pavlenko, V. Chernievsky, T. Nugzarov. This question will be solved repeatedly. Such a programme necessarily must be, otherwise there will be a threat of the genres loss in the creative aspect of the Company activities.
   There will also be discussed an offer by Tatiana Zapashnaya and Sergey Nesterov about the creation of a relief fund and support of the outstanding programmes and turns of the Company.



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