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"Rosgostsirk” and Nikulin’s Circus have signed an agreement on cooperation

logorosgoscirckThe companies are planning to develop and maintain creative and commercial relationship.

On April 12, at the conference, Maksim Nikulin confirmed the fact that an agreement on cooperation with the company "Rosgostsirk" had been signed: "I am expecting good results from the cooperation with the company "Rosgostsirk" and have always considered it wrong that the companies were disunited.

At present I am happy that relationship between the company "Rosgostsirk” and Nikulin’s Circus is getting right. We will try to develop friendly and commercial relationship. An agreement on cooperation is a right decision because the majority of circuses in Russia haven’t seen our artists for 25 years. From this point on we are planning to produce joint programmes.
The next year is going to be announced the clown’s year, and we are preparing a programme dedicated to Yuri Vladimirovich Nikulin and all other great clowns. We need "Rosgostsirk”’s support in this question because we want this event to be celebrated by all the country and in all circuses. There are a few technical questions that need to be solved. This year we want to bring an interesting programme from France.

It will be a joint project of the Circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard and the company "Rosgostsirk”, which will be started in Moscow and start touring about all Russian cities. There are plans to enter the international scene but I would not cope without the company "Rosgostsirk”’s support. Nikulin’s Circus is a comparatively small commercial organization which must necessarily be backed up by the state, and besides we don’t have so many programmes and we can’t go on presenting the same programmes over and over again. Programmes must be changed, new ones must be created. This is very important, this is absolutely right; I am very happy that we have started cooperation which is going to be developed”, - said Maksim Yurievich Nikulin.

The companies are planning close cooperation with Ukraine where there are 12 former circuses of the Russian state circus company; Kazakhstan; new circuses are being opened in Ashhabad,  Kirghizia, active talks are being held with Baku.

“The circus is a mobile kind of art which always needs new markets, and the more markets there are, the more actively the organization works, artists have more chances for earning money and sharing their art with children. Circus art is indivisible in the whole country. More than 10 million people visit us. A million people who are connected with circus art are interested in us. I would like to focus more on this, to develop and encourage all possible cooperation to achieve a common goal – the development of Russian circus art in Russia”, - said Director-general of the company "Rosgostsirk” Aleksander Dmitrievich Kalmykov.

From 29th April to 5th May spectators will be able to visit the first joint action of the Companies – the circus performance “The Victory Salute" dated for the 65th anniversary of Victory. This project is absolutely non-commercial. Tickets for the performance will not be sold. On the whole there will be 10 charity performances in Nikulin’s Circus.

“This is out civil position to invite everybody needing social support and defense to the performance "The Victory Salute", - said A.D. Kalmykov.


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