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Students of the Circus college have presented their “Simple stories"

Students of the Circus college have presented their “Simple stories" Final performances began in the State college of circus and stage art. Everybody willing can watch the young artists’ performances. The performance "Simple stories" is on every day on the stage of the Circus college.
   The light is off, the spectators sit motionless waiting. And although the stage is intended for the students everybody feels real excitement, both the young artists and those who came here to watch them act.
   This year the graduation programme of the Circus college students consists of 18 turns of various circus genres. Here are classical circus turns and original acrobats in special suits and, certainly, joyful clowns.
   The graduation performance was given a name of “Simple stories”. Here is everything, indeed, simple: there are no plots here that a spectator cannot understand.
   Bright turns of the Circus college artists will long be remembered, both by adults and little ones that were brought here by their parents. Besides, little ones were excited by the turn staged by the wonderful director and teacher A. Majorenko and choreographer E. Greshilov. Acrobats Pavel Grishanenko and Artjem Lukyanichenko acted their parts wonderfully: in the suits of the popular comics characters - robot-transformers - they staged a real battle between kindness and evil.
   Gymnast on Kor-de-parel became a decoration of the performance according to the majority of the spectators. Evgeny Malikov’s turn is worth mentioning due to the interesting choreography and decoration. The image that had been created by Evgeny with the help of the teachers L. Nikolaev and L. Kuznetsov, impressed the spectators with its beauty and originality.
   All the artists’ work is noteworthy. Well, they are not magicians yet, they are only studying to be, and this performance is their first step toward the adult life. The step is a serious, and its must be said, it’s rather successful.
   Graduation performances will go on till 15th June. One can watch the programme "Simple stories” in the Circus college on workdays, starting from 18 o’clock. 


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