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 Conditions of passage of training at a State school of circus and variety art


      The Administration of State school circus and variety art reports that school conducts the period of train on the following circus genres: acrobatics, athletics, jungling, equilibrist manual and equilibrist on wire, pontomime, step, clowns  art, choreography. The Period of the  of training from 3 months till 2 years. The classes are possible individual and group (till 3 persons) on decision of  the administrations.
     The well executed copy of the national passport is necessary for registration of the invitation which must be sent to the address: Россия, 125040, Москва, 5-я улица Ямского поля, 24. telfax  (495) 614-62-49.
     At filling of the questionnaire it is necessary precise to specifes and the address of a place of job or residing. The questionnaire should be completely filled with a readable handwriting.
     And also in the letter it is necessary to speciality disciplines, with which you want to be engaged in a school.
     The Payment for period of training is produced as follows:
     450 roubles per  one hour.
     Cost of residing in a student's hostel - 250 roubles per one day.
     For regisration of the invitation on  arrival in  Russia necessary to fill the questionaire,  send to us, and sent the copy of the national passport.
     The cost of the additional exspenses 3000 roubles: registration, messenger expenses, accounting and administrative facilities, faxes and telephone negotiations (the payment is produced on arrival of the training in pay-desk school). Plus payment of services the express train of mail.
      For passing of the period of train must not be a medical contraindications for occupation on circus genre. Necessary to have on hand notarized medical references in Russian language and results of the analysis on VICH (AIDS).
     The trainee is found on own provision and medical service
     Reference is given in complection of the period of training with instruction of discipline and periods of the period  of training.
     Binding  on study is a Russian language.
     The independent occupations possible in consultation with administration not more 1 hour a day (the greater amount independent occupation possible at extra cost).
     At presence of the places in hostel for the the separate room can be paid at extra cost.

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