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The first international festival of directory will take place in Saint-Petersburg

The first international festival of directory will take place in Saint-PetersburgPreparation of the festival of circus directory is in progress. Something is kept secret, but there are facts that are known for sure – the festival will become a real breakthrough in the world of circus industry.

The directors of Russian state circus company “Risgostsirk” have reached an agreement with the director of the international artistic agency “International Artist Management” Mr. Konny Porod about the question of preparation to the First international festival of circus directory in Saint-Petersburg.
A few agencies will be preparing the festival. Konny Porod is a reliable partner of the company “Rosgostsirk”. The essence of the agreement lies in the fact that Mr. Porod presents foreign turns ready-made at the Festival in Saint-Petersburg.  The notion “ready-made” implies expenditures for visas for the artists, for the customs, transfer. So, the Big Circus on Fontanka in Saint-Petersburg will present members from 15 countries of the world – France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany, England, Canada, the USA, China, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Russia.
The aim of the festival is to gather the best directors of Russia and the most interesting turns in the world from the classical performance to the folklore and philosophy.
-    I think the idea of the festival is an absolutely new one. It’s a wonderful chance and a great honour for the young artists and those who have been thinking over the creation and staging of new turns for years, who have wanted to present their talents to the world, - says Konny porod. The festival is unusual due to its conception. As usual these are the acting, the professionalism of the stunt implementation that are evaluated. Here the greatest attention will be paid to the idea, the presentation of the turn, the costumes, music, presentational skills of the artist and not to the quality of the stunt implementation. The festival is called “The Fair of Ideas”, the main point is the idea and presentation of the turn, competition of the thinking and the fantasy of the directors.
The spectators of the festival will rather see not a competition not a carnival and the fair of ideas. The jury will be also unusual. The originality of the directory will be evaluated by the famous workers of art from Saint-Petersburg, among them Alisa Freundlich, Mikhail Boyarskym Valeriya Georgieva, all of them not circus artists. As honoured guests there will be present presidents of the international circus festivals, circus workers, famous directors, artists – all the high society of the circus.
-    Different trends will be presented at the festival, some new names, - says Director-general of Russian state circus company Alexander Kalmykov. – Eccentric, comedy turns, illusion turns, special effects as well as the turns which combine exquisite director’s vision with the vocals and ballet. We also invite some turns which we hold for the classics of directory in order to remind everybody who works in this genre about the greatest patterns of the director’s search. I don’t want to be ahead of time but for all those who love the circus the festival of directory will be a revelation in many senses.



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