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Revival of foreign activities of the company "Rosgostsirk"

 Revival of foreign activities of the company   Together with the replacement of the direction in Russian state circus company there started to be revived foreign activities

   Thus, from 15 to 19th of May the company was visited by a delegation of partners from Spain and Italy. The Spanish side was represented by Helena Ross, administrator of the stationary circus of Prise in Madrid, and Manuel Gonzales, the young and successful director of the travelling circus. In this delegation also was the young Italian manager Alessandro Serena.
   Three years ago, for the first time in the last decades in Europe, under support of the Ministry of culture of Spain and municipality of Madrid, there opened the first stationary state circus of Prise.
   This year, together with Mr. Gonzales, the young and successful impresario, the directors of the circus of Prise start a long-term project – tours around Spain of the international programme including circus turns of "Rosgostsirk". The programme will start its work on Christmas in the stationary circus of Prise in Madrid and in a month will continue touring around Spain.
   The direction of “Rosgostsirk” has agreed with the Spanish impresarios about long-term cooperation which includes signing of annual contracts for the turns of “Rosgostsirk”.
   During the visit to Moscow the foreign delegation watched circus performances in the circus in Vernadskiy prospect, in Nikulin’s circus; visited and watched the graduation performance of the students of Circus College and some works of the artists of the Centre of circus art.
   During the talks with the delegation, direction of “Rosgostsirk” on behalf of Director-general A. Kalmykov, first Deputy-director-general S. Nesterov as well as director of the Department of International relations B. Maihrovsky and director of the Department of legal and staff work O. Safronova have agreed with the foreign guests to organize several new circus projects, either in Spain or in Russia. There have arisen new ideas for future cooperation.
   The Spanish-Italian delegation was glad to get acquainted with the Russian circus. Alessandro Serena, the Italian partner of "Rosgostsirk" with 20-year experience, noted that the atmosphere in the Russian circus had improved since the replacement of the direction. It had become better to find ways for cooperation, creative ideas of the new direction of "Rosgostsirk" were clear and understandable for the foreign partners who have a desire for constant cooperation with the circus company. Our foreign friends have noted that the Russian circus has taken a long breath and continues to develop dynamically after a long stagnation period.



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