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Veterans will get financial support from the circus of Zapashny brothers

   Veterans will get financial support from the circus of Zapashny brothersTatiana Zapashnaya came forward with an initiative to back up artists-veterans of the Great Patriotic war.80 employees of Rosgostsirk who took part in combat operations from 1941 to 1945 will get financial support in the amount of 5 thousand rouble.

The Great Patriotic war took away many lives. The Victory Day is not only a holiday for many Russian people but first of all a chance to say thank you to all those due to who we live in peaceful time today.

   Hundreds of circus artists went to the battlefield and passes through the frightful war from beginning to end. Each year there are less people who witnessed the terror of the war years. This year there are only 18 artists left who directly took part in military operations, and overall, together with workers of the home front, there are only 80 people.

   Words of gratitude for the victory in the frightful war and warm congratulations on 9th May were devoted to 80 circus workers – veterans of the Great Patriotic war.

   On the 65th anniversary of the Great Victory “The Circus of the Zapashny brothers” decided to start a new tradition and came forward with an initiative to back up the veterans financially. The money in the amount of 400 thousand rouble will be sent to a special account. This was the information given by Tatiana Zapashnaya.

   - It’s a pity that we haven’t been able to do this by 9th May but I hope that we will remind the young people that it is important to help the elderly people”, - says Tatiana. – There is a proverb in the oriental philosophy: if someone stands on their own feet they must help those who are in the worse conditions. We have already achieved something but, unfortunately, we have started to forget those who had created the wonderful world we are living in. And the fact that someone is trying to help our veterans is just a small part of what we, the young generation, should do constantly. I hope sincerely that people will follow our example and pick up the slack. I know that my husband would have been happy to know that we have given rise to this “wave of memory”.



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