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Kalmykov presented N. Durova with a prize at the circus festival in Izhevsk

Kalmykov presented N. Durova with a prize at the circus festival in IzhevskToday, on the threshold of the end of the International circus arts festival in Izhevsk, we are celebrating a great date – Yuri Durov’s anniversary. There are many circus dynasties but all star names have originated with the family name of Durov. We, the people of circus, working in this field, honour the name of the Durovs as the superior family name in the circus arts which takes its origin from the beginning of 19th century and has glorified the Russian circus arts throughout the world. One of these days we are celebrating the centenary of Yuri V. Durov’s birth. A great master, who gave birth to his own method known as "Durov is method", stepped on the arena in his Pierrot-style white suit with a big collar and presented unique techniques of animal training.

   His children, outstanding circus artists, Natalia Y. and Yuri Y., continue the tradition. It is enough to mention that long ago circus artists and variety artists were not awarded with titles of people’s artists of the USSR and Yuri V. Durov was one of the first artists to be awarded with this title.

   On the day of Yuri Durov is centenary, his granddaughter Natalia Y. Durova appears on the arena of the Udmurt circus.

   The Minister of culture, mass media and information of the Udmurt Republic D. Ivanov will tell us why we celebrate Yuri V. Durov is anniversary exactly inIzhevsk circus.

 D. Ivanov:

   “All members of this famous and outstanding dynasty of the Durovs have worked in the old circus in Izhevsk. And I am happy to announce that Ministry of culture, mass media and information has proposed to name the State Udmurt circus after Yuri V. Durov.”

   Director-general of the Company “Rosgostsirk” Alexander D. Kalmykov, on behalf of the Company “Rosgostsirk”, awarded Natalia J. Durova with a prize on this memorable date.



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