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Directors  of Russian state circus company have presented a programme of modernization of circuses

Russian state circus company presented a list of major activities due to help modernize the circuses. On Wednesday the list was officially accepted at the internal meeting.

Until the end of 2010 the company is planning to organize a complex of events which can help Russian state circus company to enter a united cultural space.
One of the major trends of work is widening of external ties and settling contacts of the company.  In connection with this more tight cooperation with foreign partners and the Russian circuses not belonging to the company is being planned.
Renewal of staff and popularization of the Russian circus were discussed as a separate article. Directors of “Rosgostsirk” are planning to start working out qualitatively new synthesized programmes with the use of circus means, 3D-cinema, theatre, videogames up to the end of the current year.
Young artists as well as acknowledged masters of art such as Pavel Brjun and Valentin Gneushev  are going to be engaged in new programmes.
Widening of services presented to the people by the company will positively affect the activities of the company as the directors of “Rosgostsirk” have put it. It is being planned to build sportcomplexes “Circus-class” under the direction of the leading artists; to open “The House of the Clown” on the basis of the chapiteau circus “Rainbow” as well as to let circus grounds to be used for the concerts, creative meetings, sports events and the like.
There are also ideas connected with creation of the World virtual encyclopaedia of circus, TV films about stars of circus, the Museum of circus.
Beside that a few events are also planned which can help develop the creative and productive complex of the company.
One of the innovations which will appear in “Rosgostsirk” very soon will be a united informational system which will allow solve the problems of advertising and administrative character more effectively.
Together with the abovementioned measures some articles were also included into the list of events meant to fasten modernization of circuses belonging to the company, among them those which lead to the rise of salaries and social safety of circus artists.
In particular, the schedules of turns will be reconsidered as well as tariffication of artists in order to set the salaries in the minimal amount of 20 thousand rouble. The questions of insurance of the artists’ lives and legal support, especially in cases of prescheduled retirement, will be overviewed. A new scale of remuneration for the creation of high-class artistic turns will also be settled.



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